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Industry Cloud
Proposal templates

Given the critical nature of the ‘must win’ Industry Cloud proposal, the challenge was to develop templates that balance individuality while seamlessly integrating into a cohesive joint approach. Aligned with the overarching transformation branding, I conceptualized a set of animated covers designed to captivate and serve as focal points. Complementing this, I crafted a range of slide designs meticulously color-coded to each subject matter, ensuring visual consistency. Furthermore, these slides featured bespoke imagery tailored to the specific sector chosen, enhancing the proposal’s relevance and resonance. The goal was not only to convey a professional and unified message but also to infuse a level of distinctiveness that would make the Industry Cloud proposal memorable and compelling to the intended audience. This approach aimed to strike a harmonious balance between individuality and collective identity, emphasizing the significance of the proposal within the broader joint strategy.

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