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Rethink Risk
Tech Enabled
Cyber Security

The creative concept for Rethink Risk was meticulously crafted to embody the virtual metaphors of disruption and stabilisation, utilising a domino-style visual motif. This design language extended seamlessly across the launch and subsequent Risk AGM event, providing a cohesive visual identity. In tandem with Rethink Risk, we introduced two additional platforms: Tech Enabled and Cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity theme employed a circular graphic, symbolising focused precision and visually depicting the precise targeting and isolation of specific issues for thorough analysis.


On the other hand, Tech Enabled’s graphic was strategically designed to convey the comprehensive assessment of every perspective and potential exit points within an innovative arena, addressing conceivable threats. Importantly, all three platforms, including Rethink Risk, are intricately connected to the global pixel creative theme of The New Equation, reinforcing a unified visual narrative across diverse configurations and emphasising the integration of innovative approaches.

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