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Salesforce World Tour

The Salesforce World Tour 2023 at ExCeL London welcomed 6,000 Salesforce customers, a pivotal business development for PwC targeting senior individuals and buyers. As an Innovator+ sponsor, PwC managed a prominent stand and hosted a hospitality experience adjacent to the exhibition center.


The event’s branding prominently featured The New Equation photography, strategically designed for diverse locations and digital platforms. PwC ensured consistent branding throughout the physical space, considering every touchpoint to maximize brand association. From out-of-home marketing to subtle pixel branding in the hospitality zone, the brand presence was comprehensive.


PwC secured a full venue buyout of the nearby Aloft docksider and brewdog terrace restaurant, strategically dominating the western entrance of ExCeL without competition. Taking advantage of branding opportunities, PwC implemented a full branding wrap on visible windows and outside barriers.

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